TOP10 EB5 Team

The Top 10 EB5 Team has been created to provide support to prospective project seekers looking to raise funds with foreign investment that qualify for EB-5 benefits, or to potential investors to select the best opportunities in the EB-5 Program, franchising, business, and real estate sectors.

Top 10 EB5 Investment Management Group utilizes a holistic approach to obtain the most current information on EB-5 Regional Centers and related projects, levels of activity, and the status of each project based upon the levels of success, type of project and USCIS approval.

Samot ConsultingJoaquin Tomas

Dr. J.E. Tomas is the Founder and the Chief Consultant Officer and Trustee for SAMOT Consulting Group.

His skills in Management Logistics implementation, acquisition and contract development and fiduciary services are an asset to the TOP 10 EB5 Team and Associates. Dr. Tomas during the past 30 years by training and background has been primarily a Medical Professional and was a licensed (Inactive) physician in the State of Florida, Illinois and California; retired as a health care provider in 1998 due to a lower back injury.

He has been working as a project consultant in the continental U.S., and Europe since 1997 (Curriculum Vitae upon request). Dr. Tomas brings a broad level of skills in project management, financial engineering, fiduciary services, company management skills, asset management, and over-all logistics in Project Management and has been involved at all levels of a new acquisition & operations of an EB5 Regional Center.

BarNewsJose Barletta

Jose L. Barletta, M.S., (Master of Science - George Washington University) is the President of BarNews Research Group.

Founder of the TOP10EB5 and “Miami Opportunity” initiatives. Publisher of magazines and white papers including: "NegociosUSA", and "Program EB-5: The Path to the Green Card”, and the Annual Directories of various chambers of commerce. Author of magazines and technical articles; a keynote speaker and Chairman at numerous international conferences and forums. His telecommunications work has included efforts in Spain, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, China, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

His history includes positions as Deputy Director and Division Chief of the Organization of American States-OAS.

He was a manager at IBM Ecuador and has lectured at several universities and specialized institutions in various countries. Mr. Barletta has been interviewed frequently by CNN Latina to discuss the development of the Internet and technology in Latin America.

About Us

Our Vision

The Top 10 EB5 Team will become the leading organization to integrate all EB-5 Regional Centers' opportunities for potential investors in Latin America and then expanding to other emerging market countries worldwide.

Our Mission

To provide support to potential investors by assisting them in selecting appropriate investment opportunities within the scope of the EB-5Program, franchises, business development, and real estate projects.

Our Philosophy

Utilize a holistic approach to obtain the most current information on EB-5 Regional Centers, related projects, levels of activity, and determine the status of each project based upon the approved registration number. Create a practical and personal communication channel with officials at the Regional Centers in order to consider a variety of strategies tailored to the profile of the investors from each country.


The Executive Partners will do a “thumb printing” of the initial goals of the EB5 project or the individual requirements of the prospective EB5 Investor.

Based on the initial due diligence, then the Top 10 EB5 Team will prescribe the best and cost efficient approach to your EB5 related goals, whether it is at the project level or at the investor level. We are uniquely positioned to work as master brokers consultants with Asian brokerage firms.

Our Affiliated Partners will be involved on a Need Basis triggered by the particular needs of the project itself.